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Dr. Meeno Schrader

Founder and CEO
media weather, regatta consultation, seminars, lectures

Company founder and managing director Dr. Meeno Schrader has been engaged in the topic of weather for more than 40 years. At first, he worked extensively in his native Northern Germany, then in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, the Caribbean, South Korea and in large parts of Central and Southern Europe. Furthermore, he has a wealth of experience in the field of sea weather that is based on more than 45,000 nautical miles – mostly as a skipper himself.

Already as a student, he became involved as a weather consultant and supervised international sailing events such as the Baltic Match Race in 1986 and in the 1988 German national sailing team at the Olympic Games in Pusan, South Korea, as consultant meteorologist and oceanographer. Thus, he came into contact with the world’s best yachtsmen at an early age.

Since 1995, Meeno Schrader has been active both at home and abroad, most recently as a media meteorologist with Jörg Kachelmann in Switzerland. There, he achieved his own personal style of presenting the weather appealingly in front of a TV camera and at the radio microphone. In 1988 he returned to Northern Germany to put into action his long-cherished idea of founding his own company for weather consulting services.

For 15 years now Meeno Schrader has been acknowledged as being among the world-wide best weather consultants in yacht racing.

Luminaries on the hunt for records – such as Ellen MacArthur, Roland Jordain, Roman Pazschke, Jörg Riechers and many others – seek his advice, as well as international Olympic Sailing Teams. Several international Olympic Sailing teams at a time; among them the German sailing team, have consulted him. In Rio de Janeiro in 2016, he had his sixth Olympic campaign.

Seemingly casual but with a lot of commitment and joy for his work, he has become indispensable in Northern German local television with his unique daily weather forecasts. After more than 14 years on television and almost 4,000 broadcasts he has become one of the most popular weather presenters.

His voice is known all over northern Germany,  because he is a weather expert and beloved and competent interview partner for the NDR radio.

Meeno Schrader is supported in all these activities by his active and qualified team within his company.

Sebastian Wache

weather consultation, trip consultation,
regatta consultation, media weather, seminars

Christina Schultz

Staff corporal (ret.)
Accounting & administration,

Philipp Müggenburg

Financier (CoB),
Managing Director,
Commercial Manager, marketing & sales

Alina Dux

weather consultation, expertiss, trip consultation, commercial shipping

Hannah Donst

M.Sc. Meteorologist,
weather consultation, expertise, media weather, commercial shipping

Kent Heinemann

head of meteorology department,
media weather, weather consultation, expertise

Dennis Brüning

head of shipping department, media weather, weather consultation, expertise,
commercial shipping

Rainer Buchhop

Dipl.-Meteorologist, media weather, weather consultation, expertise

Ronny Büttner

media weather, weather consultation, expertise

Oliver Klein

media weather, weather consultation, expertise

Tim Tordsen

B.A. Business Informatics
Head of IT Department,

Juri Knudsen

M.Sc. Climate Physics
EDP, software development

Ralf Carstensen

Dipl. Computer Scientist
Senior Developer,
Software Architect

Malte Christophersen

EDP, software development

Sebastian Rudy

M.Sc. Meteorologist
Senior Developer,
Data Scientists

Philipp Daszinnies

media weather,
weather consultant

Stefanie Scharping

B.Sc. Meteorologist
media weather,
weather consultation

WetterWelt Gmbh – traditionally close to the ocean

The Kieler company WetterWelt GmbH has successfully operated in the meteorological market since 1999. We produce efficient, customer oriented and highly individualized weather prognoses which built a reliable foundation for varied areas of application.

The meteorologists at WetterWelt GmbH are highly qualified, they all have university degrees and an excellent physical understanding. Constantly updated technology is used to generate high-precision weather analyses an prognoses for exactly specified uses. Customers of WetterWelt GmbH are provided with our services using all available means of communication. The time frame of our prognoses is between two hours („nowcasting“) up to 30 days (trend) – 365 days a year.

WetterWelt has a magnitude of raw data material from the world’s best forecast models available. This data gets refined through WetterWelts own developments and processes and combined with internally developed algorithms to create prognoses of the highest quality. Our own high resolution local and regional models enrich the prognoses additionally.